Disadvantages Of Technical Analysis In Forex

Technical analysis is the analysis of price movement in currency pairs. When trading forex, it is one of the most important analysis methods by traders. However, it also has some weaknesses that may lead to a loss for the trader.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using technical analysis in forex trading.

Sends Mixed Signals

If you are a trader relying on your analysis to make a trade, you may just not make it. One of the disadvantages of technical analysis is giving mixed signals.

It is likely to have two solutions once you have finished charting with technical analysis. You may have a chart recommending a buy while another may recommend a sell at the same time.t

As a trader, you will waste valuable time trying to get the right signal to follow. You will have to start your charting again to ensure that you have the right solution for your trading sessions.

As a forex trader, one of the most valuable assets you have is time. The market changes abruptly which can lead to loss as your market changes.

Inaccurate Predictions

Technical analysis does sometimes provide wrong predictions.   For the many people who love technical analysis, the solution of trading does not always go as predicted in the analysis.

The market can change suddenly causing the price or predictions made to be completely wrong.

Different Traders Get Different Results

Different traders using technical analysis as their most preferred trading method will get different results. This is not the same as an inaccuracy.

When carrying out technical analysis, even with the same formulas, you are likely to get an error.

Errors in technical analysis occur when you may not have the right information to use for your analysis. Many times, traders will trade with incomplete patterns gained from technical analysis.

If you wait for a pattern to complete, then you can make the right trading decision.

Just Focuses On The Price

As an analysis method, technical analysis focuses only on price. This is a major disadvantage for a trader.

As a trader, you have to focus on more than just price. Other factors that affect the movement of price may materialize. You may not see them in your patterns. Once these factors are in play, then you can’t trade as you expected.

When using technical analysis, it is important to combine it with fundamental analysis. Fundamental analysis looks at the underlying factors that influence the price of currency pairs. This ensures that if technical analysis predicts a rise in price, fundamental analysis can tell you why. If they are not in tandem, then one of the analysis methods is wrong.

Time Lag

The forex market needs speed. Sometimes when working with technical analysis, this does not always happen.

Technical trading charts may have a time lag that coin uses a delay in display. Consequently, this delays the making of the trading decision.

Now, a trader will have to wait for the conditions to align for them to get a suitable entry point.

Information Noise

Technical analysis is affected by information noise. This is an information overload that occurs when you analyze your currency pair.

This noise causes you to spot opportunities for entry to the market. On further analysis, you will see that they were false flags and that you can’t use the information to trade. u

To avoid the information noise, traders must use multiple indicators in the market. Combine different indicators to ensure that you have the right information to allow you to profit.


Subjectivity is a major disadvantage of technical analysis. It is not difficult for similar skill traders to come up with different solutions even when they use the same tools and the same prevailing information.

This causes the need for technical analysts to use other analysis methods to find the right time to trade in the forex market.


Technical analysis is one of the best forex market analysis methods. However, it is also filled with challenges that hinder its effectiveness as an analysis tool for forex. When carrying out analysis, combine your forex analysis tools with other tools so that you can get the right time to enter, and time to set up a trade.