How to use Fibonacci Retracement to Predict Forex Market

Understanding the key components of Forex trading is crucial for any serious financial trader. Forex trading contains leading variations in terms of how it should be traded and shared.

Fibonacci retracement is a key feature that is growing global recognition and preferences in the Forex trading world. With Forex being the leading financial trading investment, key considerations have to be understood in order to perform the best Forex trading practices.

What is Fibonacci Retracement?

Fibonacci Retracement refers to the critical Forex trade pinpointers that Forex traders analysts use to analyze the trading activities. Fibonacci retracement is particularly useful in order for one to know where to place orders for market entry by studying the loss and gains trends. Financial levels are used in Forex trading in order to pinpoint tradeoffs, resistance, and growth levels.

Fibonacci Analysis

It refers to the study of potential financial trend support by identifying the resistance levels of the future based on past reversals and currency trends. Given the oscillatory nature of the currency trends, Fibonacci analysis is crucial for any serious Forex trader.

Based on the assumption discussion of Fibonacci a great Italian mathematician, the analysis is purely based on the number trends by eliminating their preceding ratios.

The Fibonacci retracements are paramount for investors when trying to find currency pairs reversing the trend. Arguably most Forex traders are keen to naturally know how the currency pair is estimated to reach in its new direction. Fibonacci retracements levels are very crucial in assisting Forex traders to know these production trends.

It is relatively keen to note that Fibonacci retracements provide Fibonacci ratios that are useful for any trader when trying to determine how a currency paired is going to retrace compared to a previous trend.

A study on the Fibonacci retracement levels helps deduce financial currency paired trends in order to make the wisest trading decisions. The Fibonacci ratios of Forex trading are able to find the following retracement levels:

  • 2 percent- Financial level found by dividing a digit in Fibonacci trading sequence by second number following it in the preceding sequence.
  • 6 percent- Financial level found by dividing a digit in Fibonacci trading sequence by the third number following it on the sequence.
  • 8 percent- The highest Fibonacci retracement level was found by dividing a financial trade digit sequence by the number immediately following it in the sequence.

Fibonacci Projections

Financial trends do not automatically go straight up or straight down. Forex trading trends generally move in one direction in the initial phase then pull back and move in a different direction for a given while. They resume the movement trend in the previous direction.

For instance, when a currency pair sets back to its previous trend, Forex investors generally want to know the furthest points the currency pair is set to move continually. Fibonacci projections in this case help a lot.

There are some key Fibonacci trading ratios that are very paramount when trying to determine how furthest point a currency pair can move once it is set to resume its previous trend.

What are Fibonacci Fans?

They refer to the financial trends providing directed levels of resistance as supports as well as the vertical levels of resistance and support. In general layman’s language, they refer to the financial diagnosis level of measuring the support and resistance levels.

The Forex Fibonacci fans are based on these Fibonacci levels of retracements including, 50 percent, 61.8 percent, and 38.2 percent as earlier discussed


It is relatively important for any Forex trader to learn about the Fibonacci retracements because it is extensively used in all markets. Fibonacci retracements are used in Fibonacci Forex trading, online stock trading, and also on future markets.

Fibonacci trading numbers have a special significance because they create a self-fulfilling projection to the Forex trade levels. Fibonacci retracement levels are a whole time crucial point on the financial technical analysis part and should be relatively integrated into your trading systems.

Fibonacci retracement levels should be used cumulatively with other analysis tools such as stochastic, RSI, moving averages to provide extra analysis instructions. Ostensibly, Fibonacci retracement levels are the financial basis for all Forex trading playing a crucial role in the stock market and technical analysis.